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5 great things you didn’t know about an MBA in Saudi Arabia

Studying abroad undeniably gives you a unique set of skills you wouldn’t otherwise have. But international study isn’t just about leaving home: where you study also shapes the kind of experiences you pick up along the way.

So why Saudi Arabia? What does this country offer you that other locations don’t – or can’t? Read on to discover more.


  1. Saudi Arabia is a destination like nowhere else

The fact remains: Saudi Arabia is a misunderstood region. But the reality of everyday life here differs wildly to common preconceptions.

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors, and the entrepreneurs and tourists who come here are discovering a diverse melting pot of cultures and customs. From ancient architectural sites and out-of-this-world scuba diving spots, to local coffee hangouts and new shopping centers – it’s a fascinating country with so much to discover.

Studying in Saudi Arabia not only gives you access to a thriving economy and the opportunity to learn a Middle Eastern language – something that’s highly desirable in today’s job market. You’ll also be among the first to explore a beautiful country, and live in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), a young, modern metropolis full of parks, shops, restaurants, incredible commercial spaces, and – best of all – a pristine stretch of coastline that holds its place against the best in the world.

In short, it’s the perfect destination to live, network, study and explore.

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  1. Vision 2030 has begun

It’s all here in Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s pathway to success. The Kingdom has implemented a nationwide program to diversify its economy and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism.

Since the program began in 2016, investment in Saudi Arabia has grown exponentially: in 2018, foreign investment grew by 110%.

Studying an MBA in Saudi Arabia not only gives you the unique chance to network with young entrepreneurs in a new city. It means you can be there from the start, enjoying unrestricted access to the influx of businesses and investors settling into the region. It also means you’ll have the space you need to set up your own ventures in a large, diverse marketplace.

With a new city and a developing economy as your playground, the opportunities really are endless.


  1. You’ll be part of the wider picture

Saudi Arabia is changing, fast. And young entrepreneurs just like you are leading the way.

Living and learning in a fast-developing region means you’ll have access to an abundance of new businesses and investors who are putting down roots in this fertile economy. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be swept up a wave of development. It gives you the unique opportunity to be a part of the movement – and to be part of the change.

Unhindered by tradition or convention, you have a new city and a new landscape at your feet.

– Be a pioneer: Experience the benefits of being one of the first to set up a business in an economy that’s full of unclaimed opportunities.

– Work in an economic powerhouse: Enjoy the certainty that comes from living in a booming economy.

– Network with the best: Collaborate with the world’s newest and most exciting entrepreneurs and investors.

– Make history: Play a vital part in the changing economic landscape of KAEC, Saudi Arabia – and the world.

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  1. You can march to your own beat

We don’t follow tradition, and we’re proud of this fact. In a new city, taught by young entrepreneurs, you’ll have every opportunity to flex your creative muscles and forge your own path.

Take Sariah Al-Jefri, whose business BrainFreeze won the pitch round in the Arabic TV show Shark Tank. He gained a wide range of management and entrepreneurial experience with Elixir / McKinsey and P&G, before setting up his own ice cream brand and serving patrons premium gelato out of a colourful truck. Blending traditional Jeddawi culture with a modern voice, Sariah Al-Jefri’s business is the perfect example of everything we strive for in MBSC: down-to-earth, creative and exciting.

Other inspirational student ventures include Saleh Al Tuwaijri’s award-winning farm-to-table concept, Avokado, which has grown into Saudi Arabia’s leading online business for home-delivered fresh fruits and vegetables; and Diana Rayyan’s award-winning green startup, Kees Chic, which produces beautiful, artisanal products out of repurposed plastic bags.

In short, if you have the creativity and passion, the opportunities for success are vast.


  1. It’s home to the world’s largest practice-based MBA course

We like to do things differently here. Which is why we’ve created an MBA that prioritizes hands-on practice over theory-based learning. Why? Because we believe this is the best way to prepare you for the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

When you leave the course with practical experience under your belt, you’re ready to hit the ground running. Not only that, but you’ll have something MBA graduates from Western colleges don’t have: experience with the unique challenges, business structures and cultural norms of the Middle East.

– Gain hands-on experience: MBSC offers the largest practice-based MBA program in the world.

– Experience more: Gain a unique perspective of the world economy from a globally-connected international school.

– Learn with the best: Our one-year program is created in collaboration with Babson Global – a world-leader in entrepreneurial education.

– Achieve your ambitions: Do more with the support of an international faculty of young, ambitious entrepreneurs who have done it all before you.


If you’d like to talk to MBSC about your options as an international student, or to find out more about living and learning in Saudi Arabia, then get in touch with one of our team today.


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