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5 reasons why an international MBA can put you ahead

If you’re looking to reach the very top in your career, an MBA is a powerful ally. In fact, FT analysis in 2015 showed that nearly a third of the world’s largest 500 listed companies had (and still have) a chief executive with an MBA.

So there can be no doubt as to the value of the qualification.

But such rich potential rewards unsurprisingly carry serious allure for many thousands of aspiring business leaders. Meaning you’re going to need something special to put you head and shoulders above the competition.

And that’s where an international MBA can make all the difference.

Here are just five of the many reasons why it pays to look overseas when making your MBA choice.

  1. Gain a global perspective on a globally connected economy

The world has never been better or more closely connected. So if you’re going to succeed in business or any entrepreneurial endeavour, you need to look way beyond the geographical boundaries of your home nation.

Opting for an MBA program at an international school opens your eyes to new perspectives, viewing business on a global scale, with the many interdependencies it creates. This real-world, macro view of the way the world economy operates – placed within the context of actually studying internationally – allows you to consider your ambitions and opportunities on the largest possible playing field.

  1. Build your own international network

Being unrestricted geographically means opening doors to new networks, new connections and new professional contacts throughout the world. Successful businesspeople are typically nomadic by nature, and unlikely to be tied to one locality. Extending your studies further afield is one great way to access these international groups and individuals.

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  1. Find a perfect home for your personal development

Staying local is safe. But unlikely to contribute a great deal to your personal development as a leader on the global stage. Choosing to study for an MBA overseas expands your horizons. Teaches you new life lessons. Helps you become a truly international citizen, with a deep, lived knowledge of the wider world and a 360º view of business around the planet. 

  1. Sample true diversity

Many MBA schools can cite ‘diversity’ when describing their student population. But that diversity often becomes something of a myth on closer inspection. Even if students are drawn from a background in international schools, the educational path and professional choices they make can create a sense of homogeneity, rather than diversity.

There are exceptions, however. At MBSC in Saudi Arabia, for example, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ student. Each cohort is drawn from a multitude of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Right now, the latest MBA intake includes students from no fewer than 14 different nations. This cultural richness is tremendous fuel for your own expanding ideas and aspirations, giving you an invaluable wealth of inspiration and understanding to draw on as your career evolves.

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  1. Experience a new way of living

Looking beyond the classroom, an international MBA affords opportunities to sample life in a new environment. The chance to immerse yourself in a new culture can be a life-changing experience – without necessarily meaning you’re making a permanent home for the rest of your days.

Again using MBSC as a prime example, life for an MBA student couldn’t be more conducive to success. A place at the college immediately puts you at the heart of today’s Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s fastest-growing economic powerhouses, situated in the heart of the Gulf region.

Not only that, you’ll be experiencing life in a young city that’s going places quickly. The college is based in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), a true greenfield site for ambitious entrepreneurs. With an enviable setting on the glorious Red Sea coast, KAEC is home to beautiful beaches, tranquil family life, international sporting and musical events, and a whole host of world-class amenities.

Of course, making the move to pursue an international MBA isn’t a decision to take lightly. There are many advantages – but also much to consider. So if you’d like to talk to MBSC about your options as an international student, please contact the team today.

We’ll be happy to help.