Life at KAEC

Being accepted in the full-time MBA program at Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Business College provided the impetus for me and my small family to move to King Abdullah Economic City, also known as KAEC, and experience the unique lifestyle it has to offer.

KAEC offers a very interesting combination; as it feels like living abroad but with a Saudi twist. So, you get the lifestyle of living abroad but without going too far from home, family, and friends. I have to admit, after getting accustomed to KAEC’s quietness and peacefulness, it is difficult to consider moving back to Jeddah’s crazy, busy life and streets. To be frank, it is a blessing not to have to face traffic every time I go out.

Feeling safe to get around by bike or on foot is also a dream come true. Plus, KAEC has great playgrounds where kids can safely hang out and play outdoor after school. All in all, KAEC offers the lifestyle that many of us saw and experienced outside of Saudi and have been longing for in our own country.

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