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At MBSC, Talk about the Experience Advantage!

I like to refer to myself as a serial MBA dropout. Some say this could be the next sign of talent − I hope it is!

To me and many other students, MBA is not just about the degree. The long hours of extensive reading, classes attendance, and listening to lectures all day about purely technical matters can easily sway you in all directions!

The exes (this is how I like to refer to them) were not challenging enough, have average or below average group of students, were not part of a global collaboration, and stood little to no chance of helping me grow personally and professionally.

And THIS is to me a recipe for a great learning journey. MBSC comes at a time where global collaboration corroborates with the Kingdom ambitious Vision 2030 to support the new breed of entrepreneurs and innovators. The campus is a top facility, situated in a next-generation city that is a promise of a great lifestyle with a variety of activities. The students are among the top brains of Saudi Arabia, exhibiting an entrepreneurial mindset and proven efforts in leading start-up and growing existing businesses.

I highly advise students to join MBSC. Not only because the program is challenging academically, the networking value, but team discussions and activities also make the program the top in the region.

What makes the part-time format especially appealing is the ability to do it without sacrificing your job or business. If you are the type of person that can wear multiple hats and juggle through several roles, this is a great program for you. The trip itself is a kind of a getaway from your bustling city life. Every other week is a doable plan, gives you enough challenge for the weekend, and you start to look forward to the next trip to KAEC.

Wishing you all the best guys!