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Dr. Roomi at MISK Global Forum 2017 – “Entrepreneurial Mindset Change: Clarify the Concept for the Classroom”

Dr. Roomi at MISK Global Forum 2017 Leading Majlis 2.0 session titled “Entrepreneurial Mindset Change: Clarifying the Concept for the Classroom”

Majlis 2.0 sessions encourage brainstorming and collectively engage participants around global issues that will significantly shape participant’s lives. Informal conversations are to engage participants to develop new ideas, and potentially foster initiatives together.

The session will be held on Nov 16, 2017 from 09:40 to 10:40 at the Majlis 2.0 section.

Session Content

The study of ‘mega and macro trends analysis’ excavates that over the coming years, knowledge gained through experience will continue to grow in relevance as we are, currently in a transition phase between the ‘knowledge society’ and the ‘skill society’. This session, designed and delivered by MBSC, highlights the need for Saudi Arabian and global youth to learn Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A™) through participantcentered learning pedagogy. This approach helps activating an entrepreneurial mindset – encompassing continual innovation, fearless experimentation, and structured chaos.

Guiding questions:

  • How to combine skills and knowledge, and put a strong emphasis upon teaching ‘for’ and ‘through’ as opposed to teaching ‘about’ entrepreneurship?
  • How best to maintain global youth’s interest in learning ‘for’ an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • How to prepare them to gain the ‘know how’, the ‘know who’ and the ‘need to know’, related to achieving their entrepreneurial objectives?

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About the Event

Misk Global Forum is the flagship global platform of the Misk Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic foundation established by H.R.H. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to discover, develop and empower Saudi youth to become active participants in the knowledge economy. The Misk Global Forum is an ongoing platform that brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together with established global innovators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change. Young people are coming of age in a world that is more connected and more fundamentally changing than at any time in human history. The fourth industrial revolution, of transformative technologies, is disrupting economies and will affect the way we live, learn, work and contribute to our communities. It is not enough to merely adapt to these developments.

They must be harnessed to deliver new frameworks for how our societies and working lives are structured and new opportunities shaped. Young people will have to be committed to this process of constant change and embrace the opportunities that it will bring.