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Combining Labor Market Priorities with the Requirements of Enterprises, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College (MBSC) of Business and Entrepreneurship at King Abdullah Economic City has completed its 2016-2017 academic year by implementing five executive programs as part of its Executive Education Programs series.

Four of the five programs were created to satisfy the requirements and needs of a number of government, private and non-profit sectors. The first three programs respectively target small and medium enterprises (SMEs), board members, and women leaders. The fourth program focuses on enhancing leadership skills in the field of digital transformation, while the fifth program was specially designed for Saudi Aramco.

The programs are characterized by their diversity due to the aspirations of leaders, administrators and entrepreneurs, as well as the requirements of the labor market and the national economy. Attended by more than 300 leaders and administrators, they aim to contribute to the creation of a successful entrepreneurial environment in Saudi Arabia based on scientific foundations and global standards.

The first program, the “CEO’s Global Business Accelerator,” was done as part of a strategic partnership with Endeavor Saudi Arabia to help CEOs and business owners design and build fast and effective development plans for SMEs to contribute to their development and strengthen their sustainability.

The second is “Strategy Under Uncertainty,” which aims to enhance the abilities of board members in corporations and government entities in order to reach excellence and merit by building bridges and creating new horizons.

The third is “Leading Digital Transformation,” which coincides with the National Transformation Program 2020 to enable administrative leaders to keep up with digital transformation now and in the future.

The Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Al-Sawahah, participated and gave an address clarifying the ministry’s plans in regards to digital transformation and the use of technical, cognitive and creative resources to make changes, especially in the business industry. He also addressed the benefits and value of digital transformation.

The fourth is “Women Leadership,” targeting female leaders and directing them towards excelling in the administrative field and unleashing strategic and pioneering thinking. This program is done in order to contribute to strengthening the position of the attendees’ companies, in addition to creating a competitive environment with their competitors.

The fifth is the “Litenmoo” program, designed for the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center (Wa’ed) to give selected entrepreneurs the promising opportunity of discussing their ideas and plans with their peers in order to contribute to the sustainability of their companies and expand their business under the management of some of the college’s elite faculty members.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship will carry out a number of similar and varied executive programs for the coming academic year, the first of which are “Being an Equity Investor” and “Leading Family Business.” The latter are in addition to the “Corporate Entrepreneurship” program, which will be held during the first half of the academic year.

Other programs include “Identifying Customers’ Hidden Needs” and “From Idea to Market: New Venture Creation,” which will take place during the second half of the next academic year.