Access Career Development Office Platform

Engage with our future entrepreneurial leaders. Partner with MBSC and participate in our exceptional journey to develop tomorrows creative thinkers and innovative problem-solvers.

Promote Your Company: whether you want to promote specific openings or solve your real-world problem with our students, our approach can be delivered through the below-listed opportunities:

Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork: Provide constructive developmental feedback to students.

Mock Interview Program: Provide immediate, direct feedback to students on their interviewing skills and style.

Developmental Learning Partners: Help students explore options and put their drafted development plans to the test with your expert insight and feedback.

Recruiter Panels: Participate in a Q&A session with students to offer inside information on how to get their applications noticed by recruiters.

Employer Advisory Board: The MBSC Career Development Office’s Employer Advisory Board is a forum for information sharing and relationship building between company recruiters and students with three primary goals: