Yes – Scholarships are available. Applicants will go through a very stringent eligibility and approval process.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College (MBSC) of Business & Entrepreneurship is a new private college dedicated to educating young men and women. The College has been established through an International partnership between Emaar The Economic City, Babson Global (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Babson College, USA), and Lockheed Martin under the umbrella of the Economic Offset Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The College is also supported through a partnership with the MiSK Foundation.

MBSC is located in King Abdullah Economic City, around 100 km north of Jeddah, KSA.

MBSC education is designed to produce graduates who think and act like entrepreneurs. Not only will they be equipped to think critically and logically but they will not be afraid to act. The ability to think creatively and act boldly is what will set our graduates apart from their contemporaries. Because they will be infused with the Babson Global DNA, MBSC graduates will be ready to hit the ground running and will add economic and social value to whatever they choose to pursue after graduation.

The College offers Master’s programs, in addition to Executive Education programs being offered throughout the year.

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MBSC is looking for students seeking leadership and entrepreneurial focused education that is relevant to their hopes and aspirations. The curriculum developed at MBSC is specifically designed to create individuals who are adept not only in logical problem solving but can also demonstrate creative and innovative logic in approaching problems. MBSC will provide world-class education that meets international standards while still living in Saudi Arabia. For 2020 we will have both the Master’s programs and the Executive Education programs.

To view individual faculty profiles please proceed to our Faculty Page.

You can send us an email at info@mbsc.edu.sa or reach us via our Contact Us Page.