Program Overview

MBSC presents a distinctive Master in Management (MiM), globally relevant, uniquely tailored to respond to the needs of the Saudi and regional market, and closely aligned with Vision 2030. Delivered in the key cities of Riyadh and KAEC, offering access to both the heart of Business and Government in Saudi Arabia as well as the MBSC campus city that allows students an immersive learning experience, the MiM is offered in a unique modular format, for a four-day long weekend each month, to suit the needs of an engaged student body pursuing their early careers, in conjunction with their academic journey.

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The MBSC Advantage

  • Global Expertise with a Regional Focus
  • Experiential Learning
  • Essential Skills for Business Success

At A Glance, Master in Management

Program: 42 Credit Hours
Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday – Full Day (once a month)
Duration: 18 Months
Starts: September 2024
Location: a minimum of 13 months in Riyadh, and the remaining period will be presented in our campus in KAEC.

The MiM Curriculum

The MBSC MiM maintains a uniquely adaptive design that facilitates training in business and management for all students, regardless of whether they have previously pursued formal studies in business. Whether a student has a background in engineering, medicine, business, education, social sciences, linguistics, cultural studies, computer science, or arts and music, the Master in Management takes students of all background and instills in them the fundamentals of business, preparing them to assume managerial roles in organizations of all types.

Distinctive Core

MBSC is distinguished in preparing its graduates to meet the challenges of the 21st-century workplace with the skills to navigate and manage the rapidly changing work environment. CEOs and HR executives, regionally and globally, are increasingly reporting on the importance of personal effectiveness and communication skills as the most important characteristics they seek in their employees, and regret that the education of young graduates is typically deficient in these areas of development. MBSC provides an educational experience and resources that emphasize the development of personal effectiveness skills through interactive practical application and continuous self-reflection focused on personal growth through an innovative multifaceted approach. Emphasis on personal effectiveness development is through required modules, digital learning platforms, an emphasis on utilizing these skills throughout the curriculum, and individual mentoring as needed.

Curricular Core

The curricular core is comprised of 12 courses that represent three key areas of development:

  • Foundational knowledge necessary for the study of business.
  • Functional knowledge regarding the basic aspects of business.
  • The role and skills of a managerial leader.

The curricular core is comprised of 11 courses that represent three key areas of development: 1) Foundational knowledge necessary for the study of business 2) Functional knowledge regarding the basic aspects of business 3) The role and skills of a managerial leader. The core is delivered with MBSC’s signature emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking—developing a mindset that encourages innovation, adaptability, and problem-solving in managers. The first foundational courses, such as Data Science for Managers and Management and Innovation, inculcates in students the mind of a critical thinker and innovator. The second set of classes encompass the core functions of business and leadership, which includes: Accounting, Managing Digital Transformation, Leadership in Organizations and Economics for Managers. The final portion of the core rounds out the foundational and functional courses with a distinctive leadership and management block consisting of Principles of Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Principles of Responsible Business, and Strategic Management. Together, the curricular core prepares students for managerial business roles as they enter various industries throughout Saudi Arabia and the world.

Integrated Management Challenge

The MBSC MiM Integrated Management Challenge is a dynamic, six-month long course, applying knowledge acquired to real-world challenges.

Combining theoretical knowledge and applied work, students will explore how the core business disciplines and functions come together in the practice of management. The challenge will call upon the aggregated understanding of analytical, quantitative, adaptive, personal effectiveness and problem-solving skills acquired through the duration of the MiM program.

The Integrated Management Challenge has as its central feature a distinctive current local, regional or global business challenge. Faculty, working closely with industry leaders from the private, public or social sectors, will nominate a set of challenges. Working in teams of 5-8 students, each team will be assigned one such challenge, and teams will apply their knowledge and skills to the resolution of the problem that this management challenge poses. Teams will be assessed periodically at different stages of the six-month challenge, and will be self-assessed by teammates, and assessed by coaches, faculty and external industry leaders.


Healthcare and Wellbeing Leadership concentration:

“Health Sector transformation is one of the critical transformation strategies in support of realizing Vision 2030. The Ministry of Health’s Vision Realization Office has been working on the sectors’ transformation to value-based healthcare services that focus on prevention and promote healthy lifestyle and well-being across the Kingdom. The latest initiative was launched in 2022, after quality and efficiency were the focus of the initial transformation efforts. In the context of these developments, the concentration in Healthcare and Wellbeing Leadership will allow EMBA and MIM graduates to study critical aspects of this transformation, including strategy, accounting in the healthcare context, change management and introducing a wellbeing mindset. With MBSC’s world-class education delivered here in the Kingdom, there exists the perfect opportunity to develop healthcare and wellbeing leaders ready to propel the Saudi Healthcare sector toward Vision 2030 and beyond. This concentration also provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals among EMBA and MIM students to create their network at MBSC and learn and engage with each other. “


Human Resources Management:

The new Human Resources Management concentration for MBSC’s Masters in Management program helps answer the call for competent, dynamic HR leaders to help attract and develop the best human potential within Saudi organizations.  With the Saudization of HR departments throughout the Kingdom, there exists a need for locally-trained but globally-minded leaders who can help manage the needs of a diverse, often majority-expatriate organizational workforce.  This HR concentration will allow Master’s in Management graduates to study all the critical functions of HR management, including compensation, benefits, and performance management; organizational learning, training, and development; talent management; and negotiations.  With MBSC’s world-class education delivered here in the Kingdom, there exists the perfect opportunity to develop HR leaders ready to guide Saudi organizations toward Vision 2030 and beyond.


Tourism Management Concentration

Leveraging the collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (MT) to advance the tourism sector human capital in Saudi Arabia, this concentration will provide the fast-growing tourism industry with the required elite leadership skills to manage the strategic positioning of this promising sector, in line with achieving Vision 2030 objectives. The concentration’s hands-on approach will deliver on the specific knowledge from the latest tourism management industry cases to meet Saudi market demands, whereby graduates will benefit from a practical knowledge in tourism management and service sector. Through this concentration, Master in Management students will study all tourism management critical functions, including Tourism Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Customer Experience Management,  Entrepreneurial Tourism, and Event Management. Capitalizing on MBSC’s world-class education delivered here in the Kingdom, this collaboration presents a perfect opportunity to graduate tourism management leaders who will embark on a bright future of tourism sector in Saudi Arabia.


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