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The campus has been designed by HDR Inc. one of the world’s Top 100 Global Design Firms to create an environment that promotes the delivery of MBSC’s unique curriculum, designed in collaboration with Babson Global, has space for co-curricular activities and reflects MBSC’s commitment to a culture of excellence. Together we hope to inspire creativity and collaboration and help students reach their full potential. Click the below video and take a tour now.

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Where students are inspired and their potential and creativity is unlocked.

Our classrooms have been designed in consultation with world-class designers, researchers, and teachers to create a unique learning and mentoring environment. Our classrooms form an environment where students are inspired and their potential and creativity is unlocked. With multiple designs and set ups, each classroom is unique in its approach and vision. From Stepped Classrooms to Flexible Classrooms, each has been designed to create a dynamic and interactive teaching and learning environment, where mentoring is equally important as teaching.
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Centers of Excellence

Home to Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The center will support the development of entrepreneurship by supporting businesses and mentoring promising projects. It will also sponsor research and case studies to support national policy making and develop an entrepreneurship-friendly regulatory environment in the Kingdom. The Center will also host a Venture Lab that will support, mentor and train aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Perfect setting for opening minds and discussing ideas.

The Amphitheater is one of the most iconic elements of MBSC. The amphitheater is the heart of the campus and is the hub for student teacher interaction as well as college events and seminars. Located under a vast skylight bringing in natural light, the amphitheater will be the most fresh and vibrant spaces in the college. As the center of the college space, the amphitheater will host events, speakers and shows to create a truly dynamic and exciting college experience.
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Smart Technologies & Environment

MBSC is supported by the latest teaching and learning technologies

The college is a fully wireless community supported by fully automated classrooms and presentation technologies. The network infrastructure has been intelligently designed to offer full flexibility and advanced security with its own dedicated data center. Students will get to experience and work on virtual desktops.