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Visit of Rakan Tarabzoni

8 December 2021

The Spotlight Series: Rakan Tarabzoni

The MBSC Industry Spotlight Career series aims to attract companies, employers, and experts to connect with MBSC students through events that combine knowledge sharing and industry insights with the ability to network in a friendly setting.
Mr. Rakan Tarabzoni, Chief Operating Officer at the Future Investment Initiative Institute, led a motivational and informative session discussing how to achieve your true potential, persevere through tough times, and attain your career goals. After the session, students and Alumni had the opportunity to network with Mr. Tarabzoni and personally meet him.
In addition, Mr. Tarabzoni scheduled 1-on-1 mentoring sessions where 10 students and Alumni. They were able to leverage his rich experience across multiple industries to discuss topics like leadership, making tough career choices, and how to pivot into a new industry. Finally, Mr. Tarabzoni surprised students by providing a limited number of invites to attend the next edition of the prestigious FII conference.