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The observatory

The origin

The School:

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College (MBSC) of Business & Entrepreneurship aims to develop a new generation of transformative leaders who think creatively and act boldly. The Kingdom needs more job creators and not just job consumers. MBSC is designed to fill this void by creating Entrepreneurs of All Kinds. MBSC provides a world-class education that meets international standards from right here in Saudi Arabia. Professional collaboration: Linking higher education and enterprise ecosystem. Sustaining an entrepreneurial and innovation spirit in companies and specially in startups and family businesses.

The Vision:

To be a leading school of business & entrepreneurship, an elite institution of higher learning.

The Mission:

To foster leadership and entrepreneurial thinking through the creation, application and dissemination of business and entrepreneurship knowledge, in service of individuals, organizations and society

The Rise of a Collective Impact Initiative:

The observatory:

The MBSC Observatory for Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Innovation & Family Business aims to bring together actors from business and education domains to discuss contemporary economic, social and environmental issues. It is based on collective expertise to solve business problems and support effective-sustainable decision making. The observatory is committed to making a durable impact, through shared knowledge, evidence-based strategies and innovative solutions, by creating value for startups, established companies and family businesses.

Observatory Vision:

Creating innovative, Sustainable and smart future for the next generations of Entrepreneurs, Managers and Family Business owners in The Kingdom