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Admissions Process

During our Admissions process, we want to get to know you as much as possible. We look at a well-rounded profile considering your educational and extra-curricular achievements, and your personal qualities. Because we educate in English, a strong English language foundation is critical to your success and is a requirement for being admitted at MBSC. Learn here (linked) more about the English language requirements.

Because we emphasize Analytics, and develop your ability to analyze and execute further, your prior knowledge of calculus and information technology is important. We also value your creativity, team working and critical problem-solving skills, and provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate these during our admissions process. We will invite you for an on-Campus admissions experience, during which we will get to know you and will be able to experience your personality and skills through engagement and activities.

Application Requirements

We need your ID, transcripts of the last 3 years of school education, English language qualification proof, personal statement, personal video, 2 recommendations and your Qudrat results (if applicable).

If you have any inquiries, we would be happy to help you


call us between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on

+966 54 460 3899or+966 55 188 6028