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Student Life at MBSC

As a student at MBSC, you are offered the opportunity to build leadership and excellence inside and outside the class. You will be exposed to a wide range of exciting and eye-opening experiences that will transform and prepare you for your future.

Co-curricular activities

Learning a new concept or theory does not have to start and end in the classroom. Through co-curricular activities at MBSC, you will have the chance to expand your understanding of what you learn in the classroom through planned activities and guest speaking events related to the learning outcomes of your program.

Start or Join a club

Interested in consulting? Want to learn how to make art? MBSC offers a variety of social and educational clubs for you to join and will work with you to explore your creative ideas and initiatives.

Extra-curricular activities

At MBSC, we understand that an educational experience is not complete without connecting with your surroundings and the people who are joining you on this four-year journey. Extra-Curriculars at MBSC are no usual matter. We are situated in a coastal city (KAEC) that covers an area of nearly 181 million square meters of land. The city is home to many of MBSC’s extracurricular activities and clubs. There are many events and activities that are exclusive to the MBSC campus and surrounding facilities, such as access to NetZone which is a state of the art sporting facility, via our seasonal MBSC Athletics Club. A range of academic and social Extra-Curriculars are also delivered to complement our Health and Fitness related activities.

MBSC Student Careers Offices

Making a career impact after graduation is the central mission of your program. Through the MBSC Student Career Office, you have the chance to hone your interviewing skills, practice case-based interviews for competitive consulting positions at top firms, and perfect your resume. You will also have the chance to connect through events and special invitations with employers from prestigious organizations across the Kingdom.

MBSC Personal Effectiveness and Counselling Office

The mission of the Personal Effectiveness and Counselling Resource Office is to provide the highest quality of professional advisement, counselling, guidance, and learning experiences to the MBSC community in the promotion of self- development in terms of personal, academic, and professional growth. The aim of offering these services is to facilitate a supportive environment in which individuals reach their full potential in terms of personal development, professional development, and academic success.

Join MBSC’s prestigious alumni network

The MBSC Alumni Community is a platform that aims to strengthen the personal networking ability of all graduates and more importantly to empower the valued members of the MBSC Alumni Community. Throughout and beyond your journey, you will be able to harness and utilize these connections and feel that you have joined one of the most important clubs of your life!