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Customized Program

MBSC Executive Education programs are tailored to the organization’s objectives to meet their unique needs and training requirements through effective design with a local context.
Our programs can empower skilled leaders with the knowledge and experience they need to develop and provide entrepreneurial spirit or managerial capabilities to transform their organization.
In collaboration with the organization, we will design each customized program through our four-stage custom process Framework and implement several particular steps intended to provide a superior learning experience and promote organizational transformation.

The Development Process

Need Assessment

Conduct needs assessment and contextual analysis of the challenges the organizations are facing.

Program Design

Design a program that addresses the areas outlined from the needs assessment & the contextual analysis.

Curriculum & Materials

Determine the program’s structure, in collaboration with the organization, including content and session structure such as case studies, simulations, and materials.

Program Delivery

After delivering the program, an evaluation and refinement process takes place.

What Past Participants Experienced

Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR) Experience


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