MBSC and MOC Collaborate on Latest Case Write-Ups on Investing in Culture

Investing in Culture

A joint project was conducted with Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship (MBSC) to highlight eight companies’ cultural investments. These companies thrive in the cultural sector, offering valuable and practical insights. The case studies examine practices in Saudi Arabia’s cultural sector, shed light on the current state of investment and the potential for future investment, and showcase various perspectives within different cultural sub-sectors.

They present successful individuals and organizations in the cultural sector who possess exceptional talent and provide the necessary resources for others to develop their skills. These organizations have gained international acclaim for their work and serve as models for achieving sustainable success in the cultural sector. By creating independent businesses, offering employment opportunities, and promoting cultural activity, these organizations contribute to the Kingdom 2030 Vision by promoting the domestic economy and improving the quality of life. They are prime examples of individuals and groups who have transformed their passions, skills, and talents into successful projects nurtured and grown sustainably, taking on the challenges and risks of private sector business to become viable.

The eight case studies cover a variety of cultural sectors, including Visual Arts, Fashion, Film, Literature, Publishing, and Translation. Two of the cases provide a comprehensive view of culture.   

The case organizations that participated in the case study project are: