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Master in Management

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Master in Management Tuition

Total Tuition and fees for the MiM program is SAR 120,000

  • SAR 40,000
    Tuition (SEM 1)
    Registration Fee of SAR 5,000/- will be adjusted therefrom
  • SAR 40,000
    Tuition (SEM 2)
  • SAR 40,000
    Tuition (SEM 3)
  • SAR 1,000
    Application Fee (Non-refundable)
  • SAR 5,000
    Registration Fee (Non-refundable)*

Note: Application & Tuition fees are exclusive of VAT. A charge of 15% VAT shall be levied, where applicable.

Tuition is not inclusive of the following:

Housing/Accommodation; Student/dependent visa fees; medical insurance or any other general living costs.

*Registration Fee

Applicants who are offered and accept a place on the program are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of SAR 5,000 which will be offset against their tuition fee


Merit awards are offered to the most highly qualified candidates in the MBSC programs. Students are considered for merit awards based on their admission application materials; no separate application is necessary.

Merit recipients stand out for their academic and professional track record and are expected to stand out for their entrepreneurial leadership in the classroom and beyond; in their future value creation for society