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1) Program Overview

The MBSC undergraduate program, Bachelor in Business Administration, is designed with impact on future careers and labor market contributions in mind. As a premier institution, we foster the values of excellence and discipline addressing the needs of the 21st century labor market. Our graduates need to possess execution skills, to plan, execute and control, and need to be able to make an immediate, positive contribution in their workplace. Career-relevant skills, such as personal effectiveness and communication, are critical for new entrants to the labor market, which MBSC graduates will possess once they graduate. The program emphasizes a positive attitude and resilience, and establishes a hard-work culture among the students, immediately contributing to the strategic objectives of the Vision 2030 Human Capability Development Program. To support global competitiveness among the future graduates and workforce, we are highly selective when admitting students.

2) Program Mission

The Bachelor in Business Administration prepares graduates for the labour market to be able to make immediate positive contributions, applying their entrepreneurial, innovative and value creation mindset

An undergraduate student of the Business Administration program should graduate with the following attributes.

The MBSC Advantage

At a Glance, Bachelor in Business Administration

The Undergraduate Curriculum:

In the program, students learn the essential knowledge and practices of business administration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a result, they will develop the innovative value creation mindset that will allow them to make positive contributions in the future. Practical application of knowledge is an important pillar of MBSC’s pedagogy and courses will be delivered based on our experiential learning philosophy. Quantitative and qualitative skills are a consistent element of the curriculum, both in dedicated and in functional curriculum courses. The rigorous analytical skills they adopt during the program will support them in the required internship that provides them with the opportunity to impress future employers prior to graduation.

3) Purposeful design for Immediate Impact

Business Analytics core: Analyse and Execute :

At MBSC, we believe that students will guarantee success in their careers by making an impact from the first day on the job. In the MBSC graduates’ employers will find confident communicators that have been specifically taught to think analytically and execute ideas successfully. The program’s design highlights the importance of these abilities explicitly with the design of 9 credit hours dedicated to learning the various levels of Business Analytics. These courses will prepare our students to recognize, model and manage complex decision-making process.

Functional core: Business Analytics in Action:

For students to learn, they must practice. In alignment with our established pedagogies, the Bachelor of Business Administration program offers students the opportunity to practice their analytical skills across key functional areas of business in courses such as: Marketing Analytics, Financial and Risk Modelling, and Applied Strategy Models. This guarantees that our students are prepared to work critically and effectively within a business function of their interest.

4) Admissions

Criteria Description
High School Percentage / Grade
  • 90% National Curriculum
  • 4 IGCSE with an average of B.
  • 2 IGCSE (O) Level Courses with no less than grade B and ONE Advanced (A) level with a grade no less than C. OR
  • 3 IGCSE (O) Level Courses with no less than grade B and TWO Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level with grades no less than grade C.
  • American Diploma 3.6 / 4 (equivalent to 90%)
  • SAT = 1200 / 1600
  • IB
6 total courses
( HL = 5 - 5 - 4 ) and (SL = no requirements)
(26 required score) total minimum
  • If graduated from a school abroad, B or higher.
Any International High School certificates must be accredited by MOE such as the International Baccalaureate and the American Diploma.
Graduation from High School
  • Less than 5 years from the date of application
Tests Required
  • General Aptitude Test (Qudrat) of scientific disciplines (current or 2 previous years) 70%
  • Achievement Test (Tahsili) (current or 1 previous year)
English Language
  • TOEFL ITP = 550
  • TOEFL iBT = 78
  • IELTS = 6
  • Personal Video (to be uploaded in the application prior to the admission interview)
  • Personal Interview
  • Personal Statement