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المهند المروعي

لقد قام كلّ من رأس المال الاجتماعي، وبناء العلاقات، ومقرر تجربة التعلم المتميزة ضمن برنامج ماجستير إدارة الأعمال التنفيذي بالمساهمة في تطوير عملي التجاري القائم وإطلاق مشروعٍ آخر بنجاح

Q. How did your experience at MBSC contribute to your career and professional growth?

A. The social capital, network built, and the SLE component of the EMBA program at MBSC has contributed greatly to growing my existing company and successfully launching my second business. Today I am proud to say that one of my businesses gives access to high-quality local and seasonal produce directly from our farmers’ community while my other business is contributing greatly to the coffee industry through training, consulting, and awareness with 80% of my employees being Saudi

Q. What advice would you give someone who is just about to join one of our programs to make the best of their time at MBSC?

A. Make sure to utilize the rich experience and knowledge that the MBSC professors and staff have. I leveraged their experience to support many of my decisions. I would highly advise them to do the same.